Johanna Bath is profoundly interested in the experience of time and the countless moments that define our lives. Her paintings seek to crystallise these brief experiences into dreamlike images that linger between the abstract and the visible world.


Bath lives and works in Hamm, Germany. She was born in Warendorf in 1980 and studied illustration design at the Bildkunst Akademie Hamburg (1999–2002) and painting at the Hochschulefür Angewandte Wissenschaft (HAW), Hamburg (2002–07). In 2022, Bath was selected for the Emerging Artist Programme of 2022 by CAC (Contemporary Art Collectors). She recently exhibited at the Van Der Plas Gallery, New York City (2022); Galleri Nobel, Oslo (2022); Raum 55, Essen (2021); and Haze Gallery, Berlin(2021); and had a solo exhibition in 2019 at Part2Gallery, Düsseldorf. Bath is currently participating in a group exhibition at Blank Gallery, Shanghai. Her work will appear in a group exhibition at The Split Gallery, London (January 2023) and in a duo exhibition at Enari Gallery, Amsterdam (April 2023).