Interested in an inherent, abstract beauty and the powerful role photography has in shaping that, William Waterworth’s pictures highlight the fundamental nature of how we look at others and what it is to feel seen. They tell stories of the importance of place and people, ancient landscapes and timeless subjects. 


William Waterworth (b.1996, Macclesfield, UK), lives and works in London. He studied History of Art at Manchester University. Inspired by a seminar on the American photographer, Sally Mann he left to study photography in Paris where he was awarded the Prix Picto de la Photographie de Mode. Following his studies, Waterworth assisted Swiss photographer Michel Comte in Austria. He has worked for brands such as Alexander McQueen, Erdem and John Skelton. Waterworth had his first solo exhibition at Burleigh Street Townhouse, London (2019). His work has been published by Vogue, Acne Paper, AnOther, D Republica, Dazed.