In the Pipeline

This section presents a single artwork by the artist/artists whos exhibition is next in the program. The work is typically installed in a separate, enclosed area of the gallery during the course of the current exhibition.
  • Leon Scott-Engel, Opening: Wednesday 31 May, 6-8pm at 46 Penton St, N1 9QA
    Uncover, 2023

    Leon Scott-Engel

    Opening: Wednesday 31 May, 6-8pm at 46 Penton St, N1 9QA

    Uncover, 2023 

    Oil on linen 

    128 x 75 x 70 cm 


    Ahead of his debut solo exhibition at Pipeline, Leon Scott-Engel presents Uncover, a painting which embodies central ideas in his work. For the first time ‘the Pipeline’, which regularly features one work by an artist in advance of their exhibition, is taking place in an offsite location at 46 Penton St, N1 9QA


    Uncover will be exhibited and viewable from the street from 1 June up until the opening of Scott-Engel's solo exhibition at Pipeline on 21 June.  It can also be visted by appointment, please contact the gallery to arrange. 


    Scott-Engel’s practice reflects on common associations with masculinity that involve a physical and emotional hardening. In an attempt to combat these displays of power, he invites a softness and generosity to his work in both form and subject. Tender paintings reference romance and self-image that reflect the soft structures they are painted on. By enabling his paintings to be physically activated when in the presence of a viewer, Scott-Engel gives his work a sensitivity to their surroundings and creates a relationship between painting and sculpture, person and object. 


    Disregarding the rigidity of traditional painting frames, Scott-Engel’s process begins with the structure of the painting itself. His curved canvases take on a figuration, bending inward and outward and enveloping the viewer. They coil and shield, like a protective arm or a lap to lie on. Scott-Engel enters his paintings into a three dimensional space by laying them like mattresses on the ground or using them to wrap and bandage corners. In doing so, the paintings soften the very edges of the gallery itself.


    Uncover is a new work by Scott-Engel in which he further explores the suggestion of a mattress, recalling artists such as Tracey Emin and Sarah Lucas who have previously considered the bed as a place that cradles our most fragile moments. A mattress is an object stained with intimate history, a place where we start our day and return to. It is where we are both alone and together, where we yield a part of our personal space to another and shed any hard exterior. For Scott-Engel, Uncover is the springboard for the works in his upcoming exhibition, a place where the hyper-masculine subsides and gives way to the overall expression in his work.


    Leon Scott-Engel (b.1999, London, UK) lives and works in London. He completed his BA at Glasgow School of Art in 2022 and was awarded the Richard Ford Award and Research Residency at the Museo Del Prado, Madrid. Scott-Engel’s work has been included in a number of group shows including The Split Gallery, London (2023); Liliya Art Gallery, London (2023); Warbling, London (2022); Black White Gallery, London (2022); Transmission Gallery, Glasgow (2022) and D Contemporary, London (2022). 


    Scott-Engel’s upcoming exhibition at Pipeline will open 21 June, 2023 and will mark the artist's first solo exhibition.