Pipeline, founded by Tatiana Cheneviere, is the new go-to exhibition and creative project opening in the heart of central London on October 23. The space invites visitors to explore a more considered approach toward the increasingly fast-paced engagement emerging artists are often conditioned to.


Sparked by a multi-dimensional reflection of beginnings, new artists and collectors, Pipeline strives to reinvigorate the dialogue between artist and audience. Cheneviere’s bedrock is to elevate the presence of young artists by contextualizing their work for broader understanding and neglecting clickbait culture.


Pipeline will begin with a series of six back-to-back exhibitions using a divided space comprised of the main exhibition room and an enclosed space. The smaller area will showcase a single artwork by the artist as part of the upcoming program — giving each artist and agency enough time to provide essential context ahead of their exhibition.


As part of Pipeline’s approach, multiple voices and forms of collaboration will help elevate the artists’ stories, specifically with artist residencies and other commercial galleries. Keep reading to learn more about the upcoming exhibitions.


Tommy Harrison serves as the first artist showcasing his work in Pipeline and will introduce his practice through an online presentation before the official opening. The Manchester-based artist’s practice revolves around the exploration of new geometries and vivid color palettes that transform traditional compositions and reframe figures. Harrison is interested in the idea of flawing an image, revealing the tensions that can co-exist between the systems of painting and the subject. “Tommy Harrison: Frozen-Mid Melt” will be open to the public from October 23 until November 12.


Throughout Tommy Harrison’s upcoming exhibition “Frozen Mid-Melt,” Pipeline will exhibit the work “Nobody Loves the Head of a Dandelion” by Emmanuel Awuni — next on the gallery’s program schedule. The painting explores the tenderness between the meeting of two minds and dives into a two and three-dimensional form of expression through a sculptural ceramic head. Awuni’s introductory painting will be available to view from October 23, with his upcoming exhibition taking place from November 17 to December 17.