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    Ivy Kalungi , Between Two Places | 6 June - 6 July, 2024

    Ivy Kalungi

    Between Two Places | 6 June - 6 July, 2024

    Rooted in the intricacies of grief, Between Two Places speaks of both personal and collective trauma. Spurred by the  recent loss of a close family member, Kalungi explores what remains for those significant to us after passing  and endeavours to understand how the wider black community copes with the reverberations of loss and trauma.  Included in this exhibition are installation and sculpture which represent tangible residues of life left behind. On one wall hangs an installation of dry raffia leaves, a material that roots back to Ugandan culture. Kalungi’s intention is to  create an immersive space for reflection, inviting viewers to touch the fibres and listen to the sound of the leaves. 


    Kalungi's solo exhibition takes place on the ground floor of the gallery.

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    Parham Ghalamdar: Deep Desert Objekt, 31 May - 6 July

    Parham Ghalamdar: Deep Desert Objekt

    31 May - 6 July

    Born in Tehran, Parham Ghalamdar's influences lie in Iranian myths and the changing natural landscape of the Middle East. For Ghalamader, Iranian mythology hinges on two elements: water and soil. Ancient myths would often tell of Iranian heroes defending the unity of the elements to protect the land from drought. The works presented in his solo exhibition Deep Desert Objekt are born of these sacred, deteriorating lands. Black paint from the scorched earth of Iraq finishes the surface of Ghalamdar’s paintings and demon head ceramics. His ceramic vases, oozing with a thick tar like glaze, hold within them dry terrains of thirsty, arid sands. Paintings dripping with glaze, draw the onlooker into the illusory mirage of the ever-expanding desert. 

    Ghalamdar's solo exhibition takes place on the lower ground floor of the gallery.