• Current Exhibition

    Centre of the Periphery, 5 October - 2 December, 2023

    Centre of the Periphery

    5 October - 2 December, 2023

    Concealed within an old tram depot in Greater Manchester, six artists have established an autonomous site for their respective practices. Far from the constraints of the institutionalised studio model, Nina Chua, Nicola Ellis, Parham Ghalamdar, Tommy Harrison, Richard Dean Hughes and Robin Megannity have created a space that functions for each of their unique creative paths. With its industrial architecture and mechanical history, the studio nurtures the drive and rigorous work ethic present for all of these artists as they each push the traditions of their mediums in a highly considered direction. Centre of the Periphery presents their work for the first time as a group, honouring their differences whilst at the same time articulating the subtle overlaps and influences that naturally occur within a shared environment. 


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  • In the Pipeline

    Matilda Sutton, 'Sleepovers' (2021), On view from 7 November - 2 December, 2023

    Matilda Sutton, 'Sleepovers' (2021)

    On view from 7 November - 2 December, 2023

    Sleepovers, 2021
    acrylic and gouache on paper
    42 x 29cm

    Ahead of her upcoming solo exhibition at Pipeline, Matilda Sutton introduces her practice with Sleepovers, a work which marks a point of change in her practice whilst remaining representative of her core process of working on paper with paint.


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