Pipeline introduces each artist with a single artwork ahead of their exhibition. The gallery operates as a divided space, the main exhibition area and an end room which features one work by the artist whose exhibition is forthcoming. This introductory work is selected by the artist to reveal particulars of their current practice or potentials for the future, providing essential context ahead of their exhibition.

Pipeline is a contemporary art gallery founded in October 2022 by Tatiana Cheneviere. In response to the fast paced engagement with artists today, Pipeline invites a slower experience in which to understand the evolving parameters within a single creative practice. Our aim is to reinvigorate the conversation between artist and collector and celebrate the subtleties of storytelling through art.





35 Eastcastle St

London W1W 8DW 



Tues-Sat 11am-6pm 

and by appointment 


Tatiana Cheneviere -   tatiana@pipelinecontemporary.com

Anousha Salehi -  info@pipelinecontemporary.com